About us

Hi there!

We’re the Silver Dimes, founded in 2015 and ever since played the blues circuit in Holland.  We enjoy partying hard and playing the blues hard. We are from the Netherlands (Zwolle area).

The band currently consists of 5 guys:

Ron Stam – Blues singer, Hungary fan, Palenka moonshine producer and the singer in the band.

Sugar Willy  (Wilfred Assenberg)  –  Enjoys Pike fishing  and other outdoorsy stuff.  Harmonica player.

Karel Vogel – The backbone of the band, Heerenveen supporter and bassplayer.

Peter van der Wouden –  Rhythm king. Rocksteady Drummer.

Hank Six (Henk-Jan de Jong) – Guitar tech nerd that enjoys fooling around with amps and guitars, Guitarist


The Silver Dimes – a 5 men blues gang that play the blues hard. Not loud but hard. They share a deep passion for the Electric Blues as it is played in the Chicago tradition and are all experienced musicians. Which results in a band with a rock steady rhythm section and highly talented solists on harp and guitar, combined with sweet and sometimes even eerie vocals.
When the boys hit the stage, they present a full 3 set show with music influenced by the likes of the Red Devils and William Clarke.